Deposit Schemes:


1.  Short Term Deposit
2.  Semi Annual & Annual Term Deposit
3.  Double Money Deposit
4.  Monthly Benefit Scheme
5.  Quarterly Benefit Scheme
6. Cumulative Term deposit


Deposit Rates:


Term Deposit
Interest rate
1 Year
6 Months
3 Months
1 Year 6 Month


Cumulative Term Deposit
Interest rate
2 Years
3 Years


Double Money Deposit


Interest rate
6 Years  (72 Months)


Benefit Scheme

Interest Rate

Monthly & Quarterly Benefit Scheme (1 year)
Monthly & Quarterly Benefit Scheme (2-3 year) 11.25%
 Extra Rate for Senior Citizens
Senior citizens over 60 years of age will get following Extra Rate over the prevailing rate:
Product Category Period Extra Rate (%)
Term Deposit 3  Months 0.15%
Term Deposit 6  Months 0.15%
Term Deposit 1 Year 0.15%
Term Deposit 1 Year 6 Months 0.15%
Benefit Scheme (Monthly & Querterly) 1 Year 0.15%
Benefit Scheme (Monthly & Quarterly) 2-3 Year (s) 0.15%


** The Interest rate will be subject to Income TAX & Excise Duties as per Govt. rules & regulations.
** All other rates will remain same.
** No extra rate is allowed for senior citizen for Cumulative, Double Money Scheme and Deposit Pension Scheme  (DPS).
** Minimum deposit amount is Tk 20,000/=. Minimum deposit amount for Benefit Scheme (MBS and QBS) is TK.100,000/=
** Maximum Limit for Quick Loan is 80% of the present principal amount of the TDR. No quick Loan is allowed for DPS.
** Tenor or Quick loan will not be more than maturity of term deposit lien.
** On maturity the deposit may be encashed after adjustment of outstanding balance of Quick loan, if any.
** The deposit can not be encashed before completion of 3 (Three) months without Bangladesh Bank’s permission. However, it can be encashed prematurely after 3 (Three) months as per company’s rules and regulations set by the management.
** Advance Income taxes on interest and excise duties are applicable as per government rules and regulations
** This rate is not applicable for banks & other financial institutes. 
** This rate will be effective from 14 February, 2018 and will continue until further notice.
**Double money product rate is effective from 21 January, 2018.