The leasing provides financial flexibility to enterprises for procurement of capital assets without blocking their own funds. Lease Financing is the principal fund based activity of Reliance Finance Limited (REFL). Until now the company concentrated only on full payout financial lease transaction for financing a wide range of capital machinery, equipment and vehicles. We offer leasing as a modern financial instrument for managing corporate investments in movable equipment. Our customers represent different segments of local markets. We provide services to developing companies, stable middle-class enterprises and market-leading concerns. Now, REFL provides the following two types lease facilities:


Asset Backed Lease Financing

Asset backed financing against industrial machineries, commercial equipments, office equipments, generators, vehicles, vessels, engines, etc.


Sale & Lease Back

Financing against any of the existing (already procured/in-use) industrial machineries, commercial equipments, office equipments, generators, vehicles, vessels, engines, etc.



REFL offers mid and longer term financial solutions to a wide range of clienteles who are in their journey to emerge as promising corporate houses in near future. Our portfolio comprises of various private limited companies, partnership and proprietorship concerns with promising business opportunities.  We offer different financial products to the potential clients considering the sponsors’ credential, management strength, sales growth, technical soundness, cost efficiency, future prospect and last but not the least their transaction behavior with other lenders and associates, if any.



The General Terms and Conditions are as follows:



  • Generally 3-5 years


Maximum loan limit

Maximum limit depends on

  • Requirement and equity participation
  • Merit of the proposal


Mode of repayment

  • Equal monthly / quarterly Installment
  • Structured repayment as per requirement to match the cash flow.



Collateral is to secure the finance is not mandatory in REFL. Rather the type and mode of security depends on (i) the nature, experience and performance of the business (ii) past track record of the sponsor(s) and (iii) the amount of financial facility to be enjoyed.




Financial flexibility

Rather than having your capital tied in one purchase, leasing allows you to utilize that capital elsewhere to general higher profits; it also reduces your cash outflow.


Off balance sheet financing

Since Reliance Finance owns the equipment; the leased equipment does not appear on your balance sheet, your financial ratios improve.


No need to raise new capital

Raising new equity or debt for capital expenditure has many constraints which can be avoided when you opt for leasing.


Avoid budgetary constraints

When your budget does not allow you to buy equipment, leasing can make the acquisition possible. Since rental payments are decided in advance, budgeting becomes easier.


Tax benefits

Lease rentals are treated as revenue expenditure and are entirely deductible for tax purposes. This provides a greater tax benefit for you in comparison to borrowing.

In addition, Lease finance of REFL also provides-

  • Simple and quick processing
  • Competitive rate of interest
  • Continuous support
  • No Charges or Fees before approval
  • No hidden cost
  • Prompt service